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International Integration Forum “Borderland-2014” – AEBR Balkans
International Integration Forum “Borderland-2014”

1st December, 2014, Belgorod, Russia 

AEBR Centre for Balkans participated in the International integration forum “Borderland – 2014” that was organized by the Institute of Cross-Border Cooperation and Integration and took place on the 1st of December 2014 in Belgorod, Russia.

International integration forum “Borderland – 2014” activated the cooperation between local governments, entrepreneurs and non-governmental organizations. The priorities of the event were: promotion of investment projects and growth of the investment attractiveness of the border regions; increase in the number of civil society initiatives, between public authorities, public sector and business; to attract the expert community to notice the problems of border areas; to facilitate processes of cross-border migration.

Speakers at the Event were: Mr. Greenberg, Director of the Institute of Economics, Russian Academy of Sciences, Doctor of Economics, Professor (Moscow), Mr. Moisio, Chairman of the AEBR Task Force of External Borders, (Lappeenranta); Mr. Tyapochkin, Chairman of the Business Council of Chambers of Commerce borderland (Kursk); Mr. Noginsky, Chairman of the Association of suppliers of the Customs Union, Mr. Sapryka, Director of the Institute of cross border cooperation and integration, Mr. Kiryukhin, Head of the Ukrainian-Russian academic center KNU them. VN Karazina, Mr. Mezhevich, Professor at the St. Petersburg State University, Senior Research Fellow, Institute of Regional Economy of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Ms. Popkov, Head of the Department of Economic and Social Geography of Kursk State University, Ms. Novikov, Head of the Department of Economic Theory Academy of Public Administration, Mr. Cold, Head of Social and Political Studies and Projects in the Office of the expert and control work of the Voronezh regional administration, Mr. Bogatov, Director, Center for social innovation Belgorod region, Mr. Beetle, Chairman Borovsky District Council, Mr. Chernomaz, Associate Professor, Department of International Economic Relations of Kharkiv National University named after VN Karazina, Mr. Kolesnikov Executive Director of the Belgorod Regional Fund for Small and Medium Business, Ms. Nikolov, AEBR coordinator for Balkans and Mr. Panov, Director of the Center for Work with CIS countries, Doctor of Political Sciences, Professor.