VI AEBR Youth Forum “New Generation for EU Enlargement.”

25-30 October 2014., Belgrade, Pirot and Novi Sad, Serbia

he Association of European Border Regions (AEBR), the European Centre for Peace and Development (ECPD) of the University for Peace established by the United Nations and Youth Association of Serbia (OSS) organised in cooperation with the Euroregion Nisava and Euroregion Drina the Youth Forum “New Generation for EU Enlargement”. It was held in Serbia from the 25th to the 30th October.

While analysing the situation in the Balkans and results of projects dealing with cross-border cooperation, reconciliation, tolerance and human security as preconditions for maintaining peace in the Balkans, it can be concluded that, although the capacity of the Balkans for changes and innovations in the field of cross-border cooperation at the local and regional level is constantly growing, there is a lack of young leaders in the border areas who could initiate and implement the cross-border projects and prepare the new generation for the EU Enlargement. Cross-border cooperation is one of the crucial factors that influence reaching the economic, social and territorial cohesion within Europe, especially relating to the borders between the new and the old member states, between the new member states, as well as between the new EU member states and their neighbouring countries. For almost half-century cross-border cooperation has been recognized as a very powerful tool for maintaining peace and building good neighbourly relations across the European borders.

In this context, the forum aimed at providing young people with a deeper understanding of the circumstances in which they live and to enable them to develop common initiatives and projects for assuring a positive prospect for young people in the border regions of Europe.

As a result of this Forum, the AEBR established stronger relations in the Western Balkans, and opened an Information Centre in Belgrade